23 December - 20 January

Your work or career may place you uncomfortable in the limelight. If you can't be consistent in your work today its best to do what you can and rest and then returned to the job when you feel refreshed. It could be one of those times when productivity is not at its peak and attempting to do as much as possible will only be a waste of your time and others. This is a time in which you will be able to communicate your ideas and intentions very successfully to others. Discussions transactions and exchanges will be relatively easy and will work in your favor. This can be a very fruitful and potentially profitable time if you are proactive. You may need to schedule changes to make yourself available for a public display of your talents.


21 January - 19 February

This phase augments your health and brings recovery from issues that have been bothering you. Get out into nature and enjoy the sunshine and oxygen. There are concerns you've had over financial affairs. Perhaps there's a family issue occupying your mind this week and it could have to do with property or other related topics. They have to be tackled and unfortunately it might not be a quick fix. The sooner you get down to dealing with it the sooner you are going to move on. Don't think about it; you must act upon these impulses. Performance is based upon your strength at present. Make sure you are healthy and vital, otherwise you won’t function properly.


20 February - 20 March

Just because you wasted yesterday doesn't mean you have to waste today. Approach things in a streamlined fashion and get rid of technology that is holding you back if it's too slow. You need to pay strict attention to your personal attire and the way you present yourself. You could find yourself in the limelight and you need to make a great impression. You might find yourself in a karaoke bar, terrified about singing. Let yourself go and let the creative flow take over. You have the ability to be a great speaker around this time and have ‘the gift of gab’. There is a desire to lead others through your ability to communicate.


21 March - 20 April

You need to keep company with not only uplifting people but those who are better than yourself. Put aside your ego and let their expertise help you get to the next level. You can learn a lot from them. You could feel awkward if you need to exhibit a bias towards one person or another in your workplace. It is only natural to express preferences so don't feel guilty. Write your feelings down and don’t expect the universe to give you an answer immediately. Your past and future karma converge today, and what you do, even though it may seem inconsequential, may have a significant impact on your future. Everything you do right now is important. Don't lose control of your emotions when negotiating with your boss.


21 April - 21 May

You’re in the slipstream of cultural and artistic happenings. You need to open yourself to the possibilities of trying things differently. An invitation to an unusual gathering will be most interesting, indeed. You have an inner sense of what needs to be done but can’t articulate it just now. You will endeavor to put more effort into your work and to clean up your act. A harmless criticism could be the catalyst for this. You may be pampered by some unexpected compliments so don't act coy or bashful just enjoy the feeling of being extra special in someone else's eyes today.


22 May - 21 June

Your creative and spiritual instincts meet, but perhaps you are ahead of your time with a concept. Break your idea down into stages. You can act as a bridge between one generation and another. This could be satisfying. Others are more likely to accept and appreciate you and accept you and your real worth. Take the time to forget everything and do nothing now. A surprise visit from someone youve been thinking about lately could lift your spirits. Try to make contact with those that whom youve overlooked recently. Your personal life mustn't overlap with your professional duties. You need to keep both parts separate. You don’t have to strain yourself to make an impact. A relaxed but intense approach will suffice. Quiet assertion is your key phrase today.


22 June - 23 July

Your mind is full of fantasy now and that is okay but you must also learn to make your dreams a reality. This is particularly what you will be working on now. Continue to manage your savings and monitor your spending. Have a plan for your future security. Something may be amiss in your superannuation arrangement. You are highly excitable today and may make decisions based on blind emotion. Think twice. Your creativity is sparked by an entertaining event. You'll discover more about what you are capable of. You are interested in piecing together the deeper parts of your nature to make you a more whole person. This is a day of self-integration, self-analysis, and spiritual insight.


24 July - 23 August

Your creativity is high, and this can be fed by your subtle perceptions, dreams, and intuition. You need to set aside time to maximize these insights. You will be wiser if you take your own reality check now. Put a friend or family member on notice if they are not giving you due respect. You may be excited about getting a new toy. This may simply be a way of nourishing yourself emotionally if you haven't got someone to do the job for you. Computers and gadgets seem to be featured now. An agreement based on a handshake or verbal nod may not be enough to secure the deal. The terms may change and the fine print may end up being bigger than you think. Check contracts and agreements more thoroughly.


24 August - 23 September

You want to stay away from the world and find your own inner peace today. Reading informative books about culture and faraway places will appeal to you. You may be pushing your luck a little too much today even if what you recommend to people around you makes sense to you. Your impulses are going to be strong today so try to understand your motivation for doing things. Self-containment can provide you with great power. You could be receiving some extra special treatment from others today and you will be wondering why. No need to question it just enjoy it, Virgo.


24 September - 23 October

Stay in rather than going out. You're tired of the old ways and want a fresh change. It's not a good idea for you to burn the candle at both ends now. Regroup prioritize and use your diary for time management as much as the social get-togethers. You may be involved in a disagreement but try not to take sides. It may be your role to be a mediator, not a gladiator. Be careful. Being generous in spirit and deed requires discretions on your part. Make sure the recipient is more than deserving of it. You're feeling tired of someone or a situation that is not moving as quickly as you would like. Rates of evolution vary. Justice is necessary now, but your silence may actually throw someone under the bus. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see someone being ill-treated.


24 October - 22 November

Your willpower is strong so overcoming bad habits is favored at present. Continue to improve yourself. You feel a rather large gap between where you are and what used to be moments of great leisure and self-satisfaction. Try to recapture some feeling in what you do. You're inspired to be tidy and spring cleaning of your house that make you feel wonderful. Do tomorrow’s tasks today and today’s tasks immediately to overcome this problem. Your decisions may be based more on intuition than cold hard facts. Trust this as you have strong instincts. You may find yourself suddenly acquiring something of value. If you’re planning on moving, you may discover the place of your dreams.


23 November - 22 December

At the moment there is great potential for energy and excitement. You will get the most out of your time when you are including others in your activities, and sparking off other people. This is true for social activity, but you may also find collaboration with others in your work to be highly charged. You need to extend your intellectual understanding of something so use the Internet and possibly even visit a library or bookstore to seek out the information you need. You want new experiences and to enjoy the feeling of being alive. Unique opportunities present themselves and there is an element of risk-taking in the air. This cycle favors taking up a new hobby or study with friends. This is a period of expanding your mind and your heart.

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Your work or career may place you uncomfortable in the limelight. If you can't be consistent in your work today its best to do what you can and...

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