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Premier Campbell Newman declares his political career is over, flanked by his wife Lisa. Photo: Dan Peled / AAP

OPINION: There's risk in changing government every election

IT’S FAIR to say there will be a lot of navel gazing right now, after such a gazumping defeat for the LNP just three years after a gazumping defeat for Labor.

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Vagabond - Hervey Bay Dc

Yes, there is a "risk in changing government at every election". But there is a bigger risk in leaving a bad government in power for too long. The fact is CanDo was doing Queensland more harm than good. As for Abbott, he to is now causing concern in...

Bill Hoffman

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

OPINION: Narcissists and fit conscious sorted

SO WHAT are all big kids playing with after Christmas when it comes to their toys?

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Beleaf - City Delivery Centre

My little niece whom is 7 takes lovely selfies, some of her aunts from her mums side are teenagers, so she learns and copies, a few good things have come from this: 1. She has learnt to use a (mobile ph) camera so well that for her birthday I will...

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