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Rescuers thrilled by recovery

THE rescuers of a 26-year-old Chinese tourist, who spent days fighting for her life after a near-drowning incident were thrilled to learn of her recovery.

Fun of the fete at Cannonvale School

STUDENTS, teachers and parents from the Cannonvale State School will be throwing the gates open to the public for the school’s annual fete this Saturday.


A satellite image shows the primary crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

100 more Federal Police sent to secure MH17 crash site

ANOTHER 100 Australian Federal Police have been set to help secure the MH17, accompanied by an unknown numbers of military officers.


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Vagabond - Hervey Bay Dc

Based on this latest Abbott madness, he could well go down as the man who started the 3rd world war. Just what is he on about, all the Australians killed could already be in Holland. One dead ADF person and it's on, does Abbott really have a brain?



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