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Murdoch's tank is a good egg

Story Published: 28 Feb 2012

ARTIST Stuart Murdoch's life-size tank might look like a sturdy piece of military equipment but it wouldn't be much use in...

Bob's Titanic effort

Story Published: 10 Apr 2012

IT TOOK three years to build the Titanic. Bob Bean did it in six years. The real thing was more than 882 feet long - Mr...

George intends to stay up in clouds

Story Published: 1 Apr 2012

IT IS hard to imagine a 96-year-old jumping out of a plane at 4300 metres and cutting through the air at 200kmh, but that...

Bombarded with messages

Story Published: 2 Apr 2012

JODIE Connolly is concerned about the amount of information people are subjected to daily.

What to do with that crushed Ferrari

Story Published: 4 Feb 2012

FERRARI cars represent a social status and decadent life style most of us will only dream of.

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