Every year the Adopt-A-Family for Christmas appeal brightens the lives of local families facing adversity at Christmas time.

For most of us Christmas is a time of joy, love, gifts and quality time with family. But there are many families in our community who are experiencing financial hardship or difficulty. This year, you can make a difference by brightening their lives and sharing the spirit of the season. 

The Adopt a Family for Christmas Appeal works with local charities and welfare agencies to identify families in need that you can ‘adopt’ by sourcing gifts, hampers or food to donate. From individuals to businesses and schools, everyone can get involved! 

Just call the welfare agency or charity below and make a difference this Christmas.



A1                       f69

A2                       m80

A3                       m85

A4                       f62

A5                       f75

A6                       m89, f87

A7                       f85

A8                       m87

B1                        m35, f60

B2                        m69

B3                        f42, f15, m8, m2, f1

B4                        m44,  f48, m20,f17,m16

B5                        f32, m14,m12, f10

C1                        f24, f1, f5, m3

C2                        m34, m8

C3                        f38, m10, f5

C4                        f36, m?, f9, f8 ,f15

C5                        f35, m39, f17, f15, m14, m13, m11, m8, m6, m4, m3, m1

C6                        f42, f 11, m14, f 12

D1                       f44, b18, g15

D2                       f30, b6, b8, g13

D3                       f42, g14, g12, g4, b6

D4                       f38, b14, b13, b12, b9

D5                       f34, g1,g13

D6                       f35, b11,g8

D7                       f55, g16, b14

D8                       m20, b2, b1

E1                        f23, g6, g1, b1

E2                        f32, b6, g4,b2

E3                        f40, b14, g11, g9, b6, b4

E4                        f33,b11, g8, g5

E5                        f32, b8, g4, b3, g3months

E6                        f36, b9, g6, g5, b4

E7                        f30, g7, b5

E8                        f19, m22, g3

E9                        f42, b4, b2

E10                      m 42

E11                      f29, b 5

E12                      f 33, g 11, b?

F1                        m73

F2                        m48

F3                        m65

F4                        f67

F5                        f76

F6                        m86

F7                        f34, m44, b15, b10, g8, g6, g3, b1

F8                        m39, f39, g12, g8, g5, m2

F9                        f50, f8

F10                      m43, b10

F11                      f37, m18, b7, g5

F12                      m84

F13                      m33

F14                      f30, g2, & expecting baby

G1                       f32, b14, g9

G2                       f40, b14, b11, b10

G3                       f29, b3, new born baby

G4                       m57, m90, f88