Proposed Development

Date listed: 22/8/2019

Proposed Development

Make a submission from
23 August to 08 October 2019

Preliminary Approval for Material Change of Use to Vary the Effect of The Logan Planning Scheme 2015 (Variation Request) to Apply the Provisions of the Centre Zone District Centre Precinct

466, 468-482 Chambers Flat Rd, 20-36 School Rd, Logan Reserve QLD 4133

On: Lot 21 on RP234964 & Lots 11-12 on RP101021

Approval sought: Preliminary Approval for Material Change of Use (Variation Request)

Application ref: MCUI/1/2019

You may obtain a copy of the application and make a submission to:
                         Logan City Council
                         PO Box 3226 Logan City DC QLD 4114 

Please note that all submissions (including submitter details such as name, address and signature) made in respect to the development application will be made available for public viewing on the Logan City Council Planning and Development Online website: When accessing Council’s website please use the following Application Number: MCUI/1/2019. For more information regarding making a submission, please refer to the Development Application Submissions Fact Sheet on the Council website.

Public notification requirements are in accordance with the Planning Act 2016

Logan Reserve 4133

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