Proposed Development

Date listed: 22/8/2019

Make a submission from

23 August to 13 September 2019

Advertising Device - Off Premise Sign (Third party advertising content only) located on new Smart City Payphone (Sign face area 1630x930mm)

Where: Road Reserve (Adjacent to Adjacent to 160 Jacaranda Avenue, Logan Central QLD 4114) Latitude:-27.653422, Longitude:153.110676

On: Road Reserve (Adjacent to Lot 437 on RP895549)

Approval sought: Development Permit for Operational Works

Application ref: OWADV/43/2019

You may obtain a copy of the application and make a submission to: Logan City Council PO Box 3226 Logan City DC QLD 4114 (07) 3412 ... Please note that all submissions (including submitter details such as name, address and signature) made in respect to the development application will be made available for public viewing on the Logan City Council Planning and Development Online website: When accessing Council’s website please use the following Application Number: OWADV/43/2019. For more information regarding making a submission, please refer to the Development Application Submissions Fact Sheet on the Council website.

Public notification requirements are in accordance with the Planning Act 2016

Logan Central 4114