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Soda Blast Darling Downs

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Sodablast Darling Downs has been providing a high quality mobile Soda & Abrasive blasting service for almost 3 years to Toowoomba and surrounding areas establishing customers spanning various industries from drill-rig operators to vintage car owners. Sodablast is an amazingly versatile cleaning and paint stripping technology that uses compressed air to propel bicarbonate of soda onto the area to be cleaned. This process removes paint and contaminate without harming the substrate surface. The blast material is a specially formulated bicarbonate of soda; a non-toxic, non-hazardous food grade material (baking soda) that is 100% water soluable and completely environmentally safe. Sodablast is mobile and easily reaches 'hard to access' places and due to it's non-destructive nature, will not harm machinery or surfaces including metal, timber, PVC, tiling, glass or fibreglass.

On 24/2/2011 we Sodablasted the inside of a spray tank on a radial engine crop dusting aircraft - this is normally a time consuming, difficult and hazardous task using an angle grinder and takes up to 6 hrs - we were able to do the job in approximately 1 hour - a big saving in time and money to the LAME's and the customer! In January 2011 in the severe flash flooding that hit the business centre of Toowoomba, the ground floor of the historic National Hotel was inundated with 1.5 metres of floodwater. As a result major repair work has begun. This has meant that the lower storey has had to be completely gutted and the old timber floor totally removed. We have been involved removing water damaged paint and plaster form off the internal walls once again demonstrating this amazingly versatile process and completing work that would be virtually impossible to do any other way. Call Sodablast Darling Downs now on 0408 008 375.


Soda Blast Darling Downs

8, Nobby Connection, 1, Nobby, Queensland, 4360, Australia