24 September - 23 October

This is a time of very original ideas and unique insights in your mind and feelings will be somewhat serious due to the association of the Moon with Saturn. Your mind can come up with solutions but you may be reluctant to act upon your decisions too quickly. You may be restless or nervous and can easily feel that you are not thinking as you normally do. Communications can be brilliant, but also complicated as the old words and concepts are breaking down. You may revisit your past or someone from your past may make contact with you just now. This should be fun but it may not be a relationship that will continue.


24 October - 22 November

Be persistent if you feel you really want to resolve a matter that’s been hanging around for some time. It may be work or personal but the solution will be the same. Hang in there. Take care of your dental hygiene at present. The hard aspect of the planets indicates that there is some bodily maintenance that needs to take place. You could be overly sensitive to the statements of others today. You need to understand that taking things personally is only going to ‘ruffle your feathers’ and create unhappiness. Your social affairs are on the ascendancy but you realise that someone needs correction in the manner.


23 November - 22 December

You could have some problems with women rather work with you or happen to be clients today. As the Moon transits your Sun sign in the company of Saturn, you may be taking the words and attitudes of others way too seriously. Just let things slide rather than reacting. The secret is keeping a cool head as hard as that may be surprised but your diplomacy will work to secure some additional deals were at least goodwill. You need to handle the details of a financial transaction yourself rather than trusting someone else. If there is an element of mistrust hanging around now, you need to do things for yourself.


23 December - 20 January

It's useful to look at the deepest, darkest corners of our being. This is a cycle when you are able to do so without fear or heaviness. Others lighten your load by listening without judgment or condemnation. You could also find this to be a time when you can be convincing without being heavy-handed about it. You’ll also be tempted to dive into a business deal or residential offer that could put you ‘behind the eight ball’ financially if you don’t read the small print. Disturbing changes in your home environment or neighbourhood could cause you to overreact. It's likely that you need to reinvest time in local affairs.


21 January - 19 February

Meeting new people and feeling more confident in your social activities mark this couple of days as a positive cycle for you. If you've felt a little unsure of how to deal with people, this is a chance for you to accept that others do in fact regard you in high esteem for who you are, not necessarily for what you do. Your decisions and judgment should be based on the appropriate information you acquire from the appropriate sources. Don't jump to conclusions on any matter. You have a secret that you are keeping from someone close to you and this could be creating inner tension. What are you really afraid of and why?


20 February - 20 March

Work and other responsibilities are particularly irksome to you at this time. You feel like it is "play time" and you want to get out, laugh, play, and sing. Parties and social gatherings also appeal to you now, and you enjoy meeting new people. You are in a festive mood, and your happy mood is contagious; others join in the fun with you. This is a wonderful time to party or vacation. Hard work and concentrated effort are difficult for you now, and productivity at work is likely to decrease, particularly if your line of work requires concentrated effort. Today you may be given advice by well-meaning friends and relatives.


21 March - 20 April

An occasional escape from your usual routine is beneficial for you now that the Moon is transiting your ninth house of foreign journeys and higher education. This is a good time to vacation, engage in artwork or music, attend retreats and spiritual or religious gatherings. Reading fantasy or fairy tales and watching movies is also particularly enjoyable now. This is an excellent time to commence activities that broaden your horizons and give you a different perspective on life. Because you are quite likely gullible and easily deceived during this cycle, you need to use a great deal of discrimination to sift fact from fiction.


21 April - 21 May

You are tired of people’s manipulative ploys. You may also detect an element of deceit in a relationship. Having said that now is not the time to act. There is always someone worse off than you, so today you’ll feel grateful for who and where you are. This will be an enjoyable period, not necessarily because you will be any less busy, or doing more entertaining things, but because you will find a certain relaxation and appreciation in the things that you do. As a result, you will find it easier to work harder and will enjoy more successes. Retail therapy could reach a high-intensity level now as a means of blowing off steam.


22 May - 21 June

You can sidestep arguments in your personal relationships now by being a little more compassionate and loving, even if people seem to be hell-bent on beating you up. Non-reaction is the key to improving things. Someone you're working or living with is a serious problem and may not be telling you exactly what's on their mind. It's only natural to assume that you've done something wrong when in fact this isn't the case. Read between the lines and give them your shoulder to cry on. There may not be any material benefit attached to the kindness you extend to them but good karma means it will eventually come around again.


22 June - 23 July

Never remain indebted to friends or worse still, strangers. Despise free offerings, lunch, gifts or favors which you know could tie you to some sort of obligatory action in future. Someone may be reeling you in hook, line and sinker and your ego could be doing a 'Stevie Wonder' on you i.e. being blind. You have special skills in the workplace and may be able to assist someone in completing a project. Don’t remain an island to yourself. You may have difficulty in letting go of a situation just now. You may need some sort of external pressure to push you in the right direction. Once you make the break, you’ll be glad you did.


24 July - 23 August

While the Moon transits your fourth house of domestic issues, you may need to consult a family friend who is undergoing some personal hardship. Your compassion will assist them and as needed while Saturn and the Moon make contact. Don't allow stress within your love life to lead to a separation from the one you love. You can ease the tension and anger through consideration and if necessary silence. You always need to talk about your problems until you think them through more carefully. Travel plans may be thrown into confusion or chaos as you have to temporarily postpone an outing that you were looking forward to.


24 August - 23 September

Your destiny lies along an oblique path today. If you want more positive, closer personal ties do the preparatory work now. Have you been thinking about a break or stepping away from someone that you've overdosed on? Attune yourself to your future and ask yourself whether or not certain people and any value to the future. You may be forced to go somewhere against your will or rather reluctantly go because you feel obliged. Sometimes there's just no way out of it. Being in public today may be uncomfortable for you as you have other more important and private things to do. Take a rain check on the appointment.

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