Proserpine locals said they would love a Kmart in the area.
Proserpine locals said they would love a Kmart in the area. Patrick Woods

11 things Proserpine needs right now

A CINEMA is already on the way, but Proserpine locals say the area also urgently needs more shops and services.

In a recent post on the Whitsunday Coast Guardian's Facebook page we asked what you wanted to see most - is it a KFC, like our senior reporter Monique Preston?

The clear response was no, Proserpine has enough takeaway options.

An ALDI supermarket, a Kmart and Dan Murphy's liquor outlet were among the highest voted by the Guardian's followers on Facebook.  

What you said: No KFC

"No more fast food," Kristy Haslam commented on our post. "Support the local cafes we've got!"

"Less giant corp (corporations), more small family businesses," Debbie Phillips added.

"We already have one chicken franchise in town and two excellent local fish and chip shops- keep it all local," Margaret Roberts wrote.

"Absolute no! Fast food? Really does not represent who we are as a community! Amirite!" Ricardo Elias commented.

A few people agreed the dirty bird would be welcomed in Proserpine.

"My husband would say KFC but I would say Target or Kmart," Susan McCabbin wrote.  

A Kmart please

"Kmart! Even if not Kmart, a proper Target! My teenage daughters have nowhere to buy decent priced clothing," Heya Jacqui commented.

Evie Koroblitsas, Naomi Hughes, Amanda Brett, Taya Pearse and dozens of others agreed.

"Doesn't matter if there's one in Bowen, that's still a 45-minute drive away!" Shelby Donovan wrote.

Not everyone thinks more department stores are the answer.

Kerry Dunk said a Kmart in Proserpine would "kill the little shops that struggle now".

"Mackay is only an hour and a half away if your [sic] that desperate," Kerry said. 


"ALDI!" commented Rachel Cooper, Kate Roberts, Sarah Watson and many others.

Christine Neilson begged to differ, saying there are already two local supermarkets that support our community through donations.

"The staff at the stores here are lovely but it would be good if Woolworths would give us a full range store," Colin Forsyth commented.  

Farmers market

Robert Phillips suggested a farmers' market supplying local produce, and Anna Sangeet agreed.

"A big community-friendly farmers market with lots of local produce, live music, food stalls and coffee," she said.  

Reef research station

Michael Terence Collins urged us to "think big", suggesting a research station focused on reefs, or a university.  

Tourist info centre

Jessica Rossi said an interactive tourist information centre "with heaps of educational displays" of local flora and fauna, and marine life, would be great.  

Golf course

"A golf course, must be the only decent tourism destination in Australia without one," Brett Robinson commented.  

Fruit and veggie shop

Stacey Clarke's wish is for a fruit and vegetable shop for Proserpine to call its own. 

Indian restaurant

"Indian restaurant in Proserpine. We don't need two Chinese takeaways," Danielle Green commented.

More entertainment

Leianne Michelle Reha suggested Kmart, Amart and ALDI, adding that mini golf, laser tag, KFC, Noodle Box, Target and indoor playgrounds would also be great.  

Better bus services

Rita Debnam said "it would be nice to go to the movies in Proserpine" once the cinema is open and have dinner in Airlie Beach.

"Better bus services will be needed once it is done, still hard to fathom there (are) no services between Proserpine and Airlie after 6.30pm," she said. 

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