The southeast has woken to a cool morning with temperatures expected to be up to 4C lower than the January average today.

A combination of cloud cover and south-easterly winds are causing the dip in temperatures, with Brisbane reaching only 20.5C at 7am.

Bureau of Meteorology's Matthew Marshall said Brisbane was forecast to reach 26C today.

"It's a combination of two things, there's really widespread cloud cover pretty much about the southeast and extending inland to central parts of the state and all the way up the coast, that's keeping temperatures down," he said.

"The other main thing is the south-easterly change that we saw coming through the area a few days back now and that's really pushing a lot of cool air up from down south that's coming up the coast."

He said combined with the persistent showers across the region, this summer day would be a cool one, but it wasn't only the southeast which has been affected by the weather change.

"The more inland you are, the cooler you are to the January average."

"If you're on the Coastal fringe you're probably three or four degrees below the January average today, but as you head inland to Toowoomba they're going to be 8C below January average today.

"When you head further inland to Roma they're going to be 12C below the January average today."

He said light showers would remain across the southeastern region today, but will begin to subside this evening.


Brisbane: 26C

Gold Coast: 26C

Sunshine Coast: 25C

Roma: 22C

Toowoomba: 20C

Dalby: 24C

Stuart: 23C

Injune: 21C

Originally published as '12C below average': Showers, cool front bring welcome relief

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