13 animal Instagrams guaranteed to make you laugh

THERE'S nothing worse than scrolling through your Instagram feed and seeing nothing but selfies.

Follow some of these accounts and you'll be double-tapping and laughing yourself silly.

1. Harlow, Sage, Indiana and Reece

These puppy pals are both hilarious and adorable. Harlow's facial expressions are pure gold and the other little sausage dogs are always snapped in the funniest predicaments.

Follow @harlowandsage

2. Doug The Pug

If you've never seen any of Doug The Pug's pics then you're missing out. He's been labelled as the King Of Pop Culture by his own and sometimes it seems that Doug is more human than dog.

Follow @itsdougthepug

3. Marnie The Dog

Poor ol' Marnie didn't really get blessed in the looks department but she doesn't let that stop her - she owns her ultra-long tongue and tilted neck. You'll be crying tears of laughter every time she pops up in your feed.

Follow @marniethedog

4. Pumpkin the Raccoon

Pumpkin is a rescued raccoon who has made friends with two rescued dogs. It's just so funny watching a raccoon do dog and human things. AND LOOK AT IT'S CUTE LITTLE HANDS!

Follow @pumpkintheraccoon

5. Jiff

This ball of fluff wears clothes on the daily and has hit more red carpets than most celebs. It's just so fluffy!

Follow @jiffpom

6. Pancho

What Pancho lacks in size he makes up for in personality. He's got the biggest eyes which combined with the super clever captions his owner posts will leave you cracking up.

Follow @pancho.chihuahua

7. Menswear Dog

It's a dog that models and wears human clothes - what more could you ask for? He's been named the most stylish dog in the world and you can't really argue, he dresses better than most men!

Follow @mensweardog

8. Grumpy Cat

She's just so grumpy you can't help but smile. Grumpy Cat has no reason to be grumpy, she travels the world and is clearly living the life. Don't you wish that you could get paid just to be grumpy?

Follow @realgrumpycat

9. Jill

This squirrel definitely has more followers than you.

Jill is just too cute. Watch her as she has a lil nap and gnaws on some nuts.

Follow @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

10. BuBu The Chinchilla

You'll be grinning from ear to ear when BuBu posts a photo. She gets snapped posing with all her chinchilla-sized accessories and it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Follow @cute_bubu

11. La Corgi

Geordi La Corgi is described as an athelete, model and food enthusiast. On top of all that he looks like a top dog and someone who you definitely need to see pop up in your Instagram feed.

Follow @lacorgi

12. Winston Smushface

Winston always looks a little bit worried with his big eyes, furry mane and his little pink tongue that pokes out all the time. Winston looks out of proportion every time he gets a trim and it will definitely make you laugh.

Follow @winstonsmushface

13. Fuzzberta

This guinea pig can do it all. Cowboy, Pokemon, knight, princess and chef - there's photos of her as them all.

Follow @fuzzberta

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