NAMED AND SHAMED: Young man guilty of bashing elderly man

A 22-YEAR-old Urangan man has pleaded guilty to punching a 73-year-old man in the face during a violent rampage.

The daylight attack occurred when Slade Reginald Whitby punched the elderly man while the gentleman was sitting in his own car, causing him to suffer extensive facial injuries and bleeding.

Whitby broke the man's glasses in the attack that happened about 4pm on May 1 in Cooktown, Hervey Bay Magistrates Court heard on Thursday.

Prior to the physical attack, Whitby and a friend were harassing the man by waving down his car and throwing rocks at it.

This behaviour prompted the elderly victim to get out of the car and confront the men.

Shortly after, the victim got back into his car and Whitby approached the vehicle asking the man to shake hands.

Police prosecutor Donna Sperling said when the man refused Whitby's request to shake hands, Whitby punched the man in the face using his right fist.

The elderly man later attended a police station to report the assault, where his injuries were evident.

"Police observed swelling to the right side of his face, and a small bleeding cut just below his eye, which had dripped onto his shirt," Snr Const Sperling said.

On the same day Whitby head butted a window of a Cooktown cafe causing it to shatter and caused a nuisance at other venues including tipping over a wheelie bin and throwing around random objects including herbs.

Once arrested and taken into custody, Whitby urinated in his cell twice and spat on a security camera.

His defence lawyer Michael Riddell said Whitby does not remember the offences because he was intoxicated at the time.

Whitby's sentencing was adjourned to September 7.

He is out on bail.

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