Caller says missing man is alive

A mysterious caller has shed new light on the disappearance of Steven Goldsmith.
A mysterious caller has shed new light on the disappearance of Steven Goldsmith. Supplied

A FLICKER of hope has shone on the case of a missing Toowoomba man after almost a decade shrouded in darkness.

In the week of the 10th anniversary of Steven Goldsmith’s mysterious disappearance, a Toowoomba health worker has made an anonymous phone call claiming to know the whereabouts of the 38-year-old.

She told The Chronicle she had met Steven in Normanton, where he was homeless.

The call was the first regarding the case since the months immediately proceeding Steven’s July 2000 disappearance.

It came a fortnight after The Chronicle published the first interview in four years with Steven’s father David Goldsmith, in which he revealed a trip to Australia from England was being planned in another desperate bid to locate his son.

Crows Nest’s Nicole Morris, the creator of the Australian Missing Persons Registrar, hailed the anonymous phone call as a long-awaited breakthrough in the case.

“This phone call is exactly what I want the anniversary to bring forth,” she said.

Ms Morris said she expected Steven’s family to take solace from the phone call considering it had been more than a decade since they had seen their son.

“It’s one of those milestones where you have to ask how can it be 10 years.” Ms Morris said.

“But it’s just not right.

“Ten years is an atrocious amount of time for (the family) to wait.”

Toowoomba CIB have forwarded the information from the anonymous caller to Normanton district police to be investigated.

Steven was living and working in Toowoomba as an aborist when he said goodbye to friends and vanished on July 6, 2000.

The last confirmed sighting of the British migrant was at an ATM in an outer Brisbane suburb three days after he left Toowoomba.

In October 2007, a coroner’s report concluded Steven was “dead, although I am unable to make any finding as to the circumstances of his death”.

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