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Gillard: 'I get things done'

JULIA Gillard has said in an address to media in Melbourne that she will be asking her caucus colleagues for their support on Monday.

"This isn't an episode of celebrity Big Brother," she said, adding it is in the nation's interest for the caucus to choose a prime minister who has the character and ability to get things done.

"I am the person who gets things done. Australians can have trust in me that I am the person that gets things done."

"I have delivered reforms," she said, adding when Mr Rudd couldn't get carbon pricing done, "I got it done".

She said she will be asking for the support of her caucus colleagues so she can continue to 'get things done' such as delivering education and health reforms, job creation, tax cuts and the national disability scheme.

However, Ms Gillard said if she loses the ballot, she will go to the backbench and renounce any leadership.


Rudd wraps up with Gillard's failures

KEVIN Rudd has wrapped up the news conference where he announced he will contest the Labor leadership with an attack on Ms Gillard's failures as prime minister.

Mr Rudd made reference to Ms Gillard's pre-election carbon tax commitment, the Mayalsia and East Timor solutions and her promise of poker machine reforms.

He said it is the prime minister's poor performance that has driven poor poll results and is the reason why he wants to see a change in leadership.

"I want to finish the job the Australian people elected me to do when they elected me as prime minister."

Mr Rudd said when he was prime minister, the lowest popularity rating he received was around 48 per cent.

"In the last 12 months [Ms Gillard's] support ratings have not approached that number."

But earlier, Ms Gillard said as prime minister she "got big reforms done" such as putting a price on carbon, bringing in a health reform and getting Australia's telecommuncations ready for the 21st century.

Ms Gillard is expected to address the media in Melbourne at approximately 3.10pm AEST.


Kevin Rudd will contest Labor leadership

KEVIN Rudd has announced he will contest the Labour leadership and has scheduled a ballot for Monday morning.

At a news conference held on Friday afternoon at the Commonwealth offices at Waterfront Place in Brisbane's CBD, Mr Rudd said he will seek a secret ballot so candidates have the opportunity to speak to the party ahead of the ballot so there is an informed choice.

"Next Monday will be a tough ballot," Mr Rudd said.

But if he does not succeed on Monday, Mr Rudd said he will go to the backbench and will not contest Ms Gillard a second time.

He said he would be relaxed about the prospect of serving from the backbench and looking after his local community as federal member for Griffith.

"I am passionate about my local community," Mr Rudd said.

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