Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in American Sniper.
Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in American Sniper. Keith Bernstein

DVD REVIEW: American Sniper keeps the suspense coming


Reviewer: Megan Mackander

Verdict:4 stars 

A CONVOY of American troops make their way through a ruined city, marred by war, in Iraq.

Highly trained NAVY Seal Sniper Chris Kyle puts his eye to the glass and spies a woman and her young boy walking down the street.

Debris, destruction and death surrounds them.

The woman isn't walking right.

Something isn't right. She pulls out a grenade and hands it to her son. He starts to run.

What should this sniper do?

Protect his men, his country, the greater cause, or kill an innocent?

This moral dilemma and many others form the basis of the film based on Kyle's book, written by Scott McEwen and James DeFelice.

The movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, has been heralded as the best war film since Lone Survivor and it's easy to see why.

The film swaps between Kyle's time in the war zones as he embarks on several tours and his life back at home.

In the battlefields, he is known as "Legend". A sharp eye and ability to make split-second decisions has earned him a reputation as a force to be reckoned with, yet a kind, strong heart in the face of danger, and all in the name of serving his country.

Kyle has been credited with 160 kills. He tells us he doesn't regret anything, but his inner demons keep rearing their heads and affecting his relationships and spirit. As audiences learn, back home Kyle is facing his own battles.

War has changed him. He's not the same man anymore.

It's his love for his countrymen that revives him, when he starts to work with war veterans back home.

American Sniper is a wonderful film that feels so real, given American troops are still to this day fighting in the Middle East.


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