A lawyer and a biologist walk into a bar...

FLASHPACKERS: Wouter van den Berg and Matyas Bittenbinder from the Netherlands.
FLASHPACKERS: Wouter van den Berg and Matyas Bittenbinder from the Netherlands. Jessica Lamb

THIS Dutch pair aren't your typical backpackers.

The lawyer and biologist are self-confessed 'flashpackers'.

They are seeing the sites in a backpacker style, just with a few more creature comforts, swapping the backpack for a suitcase.

NAME: Wouter van den Berg and Matyas Bittenbider

HOME: Utrecht, Netherlands

Why Australia?

Wouter: Well, my aunty moved here 40 years ago and my cousin just got married, so while I came over for the wedding I decided to explore for a few extra weeks.

I work as a corporate lawyer and it's pretty full on, this is my first holiday since 2016.


Matyas: I have an internship in Brisbane and so while I am living here for six months doing my last year of my masters in biology exploring my thesis on snake venom's effects on clotting blood, I know Wouter from back home so I took some time off to come up with him for 10 days.

What are you doing in Airlie Beach?

Wouter: We are only staying a few days in Airlie Beach but we are doing a three-day sailing adventure with Condor.


Matyas: We have been really lucky, things just seemed to have worked out with where we are staying and what we can book discounted, and we even missed the bad weather.

Where is your favourite place in Australia?

The town 1770 on the way up, it was so relaxed, we sat down to have a beer and we were so surprised with the atmosphere we just stayed.

Weirdest thing about Australia?

Matyas: Your barbecues. Maybe it's just my short experience here, but at home a barbecue is heaps and heaps of meat and salad, whereas here it just seems to be sausages.

I guess in my mind I always though the Australian 'barbie' was like American style with four kinds of meat.


Wouter: I have never heard the term 'heaps' until I came here.

What are your top travel tips?

Wouter: Don't plan too much, if it's a great place why not stay a bit longer?

I guess we might have a little bit more of a budget than your everyday backpacker, hence 'flashpacker', but we have met people who have planned everything along the coast months in advance.

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