Rodney and Susan Falls in happier times.
Rodney and Susan Falls in happier times. Contributed

Mum 'haunted' by hubbie's spirit

A CALOUNDRA woman accused of murdering her husband burned incense to cover the smell of “death” and bought a cross to protect her from his spirit.

Four years ago today, Susan Falls served her husband Rodney curried prawns laced with sleeping tablets before shooting him twice in the head and then smothering him with linen.

Mrs Falls’ confession has been heard in recorded police interviews at her trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

She is arguing she had no choice but to kill her husband amid fears of harm to her or their children.

In the final portion of her taped interview heard yesterday, Mrs Falls said she put her husband in front of an air-conditioner and burned incense to mask the stench.

“It (his body) was starting to smell and I was concerned it would be noticeable,” she told police.

She said knowing her four children knew their father’s body was in the house motivated her to finally remove his body.

Mrs Falls, who had her husband buried in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, said she could constantly smell him, hear him and feel his presence around her family home.

“I’m not a religious person but I went and bought this cross to protect me because I’m afraid he’s gone to hell,” she said.

“I feel sick and I’ve vomited at what I have done but I had no choice.

“I suppose to try and make me deal with it better and be comfortable with what I have done, I keep telling myself … I just did what would have been done to me and I’m 100% sure of that,” Mrs Falls said.

“I’ve been told time and time again that I will be killed.

“I am glad that I’ve confessed to this because I’m gonna find it extremely hard to live with this, for my children to live with this.

“But at the same time I’m scared and worried that I’ve been caught.

“I had to get it off my chest but it still doesn’t make it feel any better.”

Mrs Falls said she killed her husband “so we could live the life we deserved as humans, that most people are able to live”.

She said she had noticed a marked difference in her children in the four weeks since his death.

“In the last four weeks, (my three-year-old son) is like … a bird that has been let out of a cage,” she said.

“He is a character, he likes to clown around. He has just evolved so much because he knows he can be a kid.

“He can be loud, spill a drink, knock something off the table and he’s not going to be yelled at.

“He’s just a different kid … and the girls – they come home from school and they can easily walk through the door.

“Before they didn’t know what atmosphere they were walking into, whether I’ve been beaten.

“We’re not smiling or laughing about any of this but we’ve been living normally for the last four weeks, we’ve been relaxed.”

Mr Falls’ sister, Kim Page, told the court she was close to her brother and never saw any violence from him or injuries to her sister-in-law.

Leisl Forbes, who worked for Mrs Falls when she owned the Great Australian Ice Creamery, said she saw bruises on her boss’s arms and wrists weekly, saw facial bruises covered up with make-up once or twice, and saw a loose tooth.

Ms Forbes said she once collected Mrs Falls when her husband “was chasing her around, yelling and screaming”, and let her stay the night at her house.

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