JEEPS, tractors, Kombis, an obligatory SLR 5000 and even a Kenworth prime mover were used to transport the graduating class of 2016 to the Proserpine Entertainment Centre for their end of year formal last night.

Once alighting from their various machines the guys and girls, all looking outstanding, walked the red carpet before being stopped for a photo or two and finally entering the building that would host their final get-together as students of Proserpine High School.

It seemed half the town turned up to catch what was quite a spectacle. 

Dux of the school for 2016 Logan Donadelli sure looked the part, wearing a washed pink-coloured tie - which matched his date's dress perfectly - and striking blue jacket and pants.

He said the end of year was "bit of and anxious and emotional time."

"I was just hoping I wouldn't trip down the runway," he said. 

The formal for him was symbolic of an end to all the hard work he had put in during his schooling and he understood it would be an informal farewell to many of his peers.

"There are friends that will just fade into the woodwork," he said.

"I think it will really hit home on Friday as well as at graduation as that is the final moment.

"Tonight is a bit more of a celebration than the graduation will be (but) there will probably be a few tears tonight.

"Hopefully not me, but I am sure some people will."

Logan said he felt a sense of pride and achievement at successfully completing his secondary school education.

"It's great, when I finally grab that certificate on Friday morning I will get a sense that it's all over and begin moving on to bigger and better things," he said. 

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