Minister for defence industry Christopher Pyne.
Minister for defence industry Christopher Pyne. DAVID MARIUZ

Anti-bullying brigade are hypocrites of the highest order

OPINION: I'M NOT sure how Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne got the words out when he gave his two cents on the cricket sledging issue this week.

The hypocrisy must've nearly choked him.

He told Fox Sports News it was high time cricketers shut up and let their cricket do the talking, slamming the way past greats and the governing body itself had argued sledging was simply a part of the gentleman's game.

He said he was "absolutely aghast" at the message being sent to junior sportspeople that offensive behaviour was not tolerated, only to have past players and senior sportspeople seemingly embrace the art of sledging.

"Why can't the cricketers just let the cricket do the talking, why can't they just let the scoreboard tell the story rather than just engaging in this really puerile, personally insulting behaviour," Mr Pyne said.

"And I think that goes for all the cricketers, not just Australians, it goes for all cricketers around the world, that (sledging) is really not a legitimate part of the game."

Wow, Mr Pyne, wow.

My trusted Macquarie Pocket Dictionary advises me puerile means: childishly foolish.

That's about the most accurate description of the actions of our Federal Members of Parliament I've ever read.

Our PM Malcolm Turnbull got up and told school principals everywhere that there was no place for bullying in Australia.

He is absolutely spot on.

But the fact is these overpaid hypocrites are not even close to practising what they preach.

They spend their time, on our dime, playing a protracted game of 'gotcha', slandering each other day-in, day-out under the protection of parliamentary privilege.

How can any of us give any credence to these words of inclusion and equality being preached to us by this sanctimonious group?

Here's an idea for our MPs.

Turn Question Time into something other than a circus.

Start treating each other with some dignity and respect.

Ask constructive questions which generate constructive responses.

Cut the childish name-calling and pig-headed opposition for opposition's sake and start acknowledging good ideas, wherever they come from.

I know the name of the game is not about actually benefiting the people.

It's about keeping your party in power and fluffing the pillows of those your parties are beholden to.

It's ugly. Disgraceful and lacks transparency.

So shelve the hypocrisy or keep your mouths shut when it comes to advising the great unwashed on what is or isn't acceptable.

Better yet, why not get to work on the task of actually governing, negotiating where necessary, to achieve policy outcomes that improve lives.

Hell, you may even find a way to increase public school funding and resources to tackle the issue of bullying head on, on the coalface, and tackle it a lot harder than your empty words from the ivory towers.

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