Artisan beef jerky does exist

What does your beef jerky say about you?
What does your beef jerky say about you?

WHAT does your custom artisan beef jerky say about you?

That’s right. Artisan jerky. And you thought foodies had finally run out of things to artisan-ize when frilly ketchups hit the market.

SlantShack Jerky offers the latest in highbrow-meets-corner-store eating with its bespoke dehydrated meat selection.

Aspiring jerky maestros have the opportunity to show off their culinary skills with mix and match meats, marinades, rubs and glazes.

Will it be earthy and hearty with a smoky cumin rub, or the spicy-sweet route with a cayenne and brown sugar mixture?

Choose wisely. Your foodie cred is riding on it.

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