Associations meet with Council to discuss financial concerns

A meeting was in progress between Whitsunday Regional Council and the region's two ratepayers associations yesterday afternoon.

The meeting was initiated by the newly re-named Whitsunday Regional Residents Association (WRRA) with the purpose of establishing Council's true financial position.

WRRA president Ross Newell of Bowen said members of his organisation wanted clarification on what he called "discrepancies" in Council's financial reporting.

"If Council can disprove the statements we have made then we would welcome [that] - if not then we expect they will acknowledge the shortcomings in the reports and address them accordingly," he said.

"Either way, the community deserves to have an understanding of Council's financial position."

Also at the meeting were representatives from the Whitsunday Ratepayers Association including president Tony Moscato who maintains that by contrast, members of his organisation are "happy with what we've got".

Mr Moscato says the WRRA needs to understand that this Council is paying the bill for commitments made by the previous administration, "which were not really funded".

He described the WRRA as a "disgruntled bunch of guys" who were trying to undermine the current Council.

Mr Newell however, disputed this, along with accusations that the WRRA was drawing a divisive line between the north and south.

"Ultimately we would hope the two organisations would come together with a positive voice for the community as a whole," he said.

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