STREET FIGHT: Kyle Chivers was put in jail after he was involved in a street fight outside an Ipswich nightclub.
STREET FIGHT: Kyle Chivers was put in jail after he was involved in a street fight outside an Ipswich nightclub. Contributed

Attacker jailed as options run out

AS HIS court date loomed, Kyle Chivers wrote on Facebook: "Free for a few more days - better make the most of it".

It seems the 22-year-old half-expected he'd end up behind bars after he started a punch-up at the front of an Ipswich nightclub.

His fears were confirmed when he was sentenced in Ipswich Magistrates Court for assault occasioning bodily harm.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta said Chivers had started the fight after he exited the nightclub at 11.30pm on June 13, last year and recognised someone he had a grievance with.

The male victim was sitting in his car when Chivers walked up and tried to punch him through the door.

After the punch failed to connect, the man got out of his car and he and Chivers fought in the street.

As a result of the fray, the victim sustained a 2cm cut and was treated at hospital.

Ms Vasta noted that when the offence took place Chivers had been on bail and on a suspended sentence, waiting to be dealt with for several charges including one count of obstruct or assault police.

She said Chivers had now built up a five-page criminal history.

"I see that you have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and that you are on medication to treat those mental health problems," Ms Vasta told Chivers.

"However sometimes it's not all about you, it's about other people - the people you have affected in the community.

"You have a five-page history of assaulting people, committing public nuisances and damaging property."

Ms Vasta said for past offences, Chivers had been sentenced to community-based orders, parole and suspended sentences.

"We've done just about everything we can to help you wake up to yourself and do something about your issues," she told Chivers.

"Drunken street fighting is to be deterred, not just to you but to others who engage in this behaviour."

Chivers was sentenced to six months in jail with a parole release date after two months.


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