Baby fashion designers Brenda Eden and Amy Devantier are celebrating their business’s first birthday.
Baby fashion designers Brenda Eden and Amy Devantier are celebrating their business’s first birthday. Claudia Baxter

The baby with a thousand friends

WORD of mouth has contributed to an impressive increase in business for a pair of Ipswich baby clothing makers.

Amy Devantier and Brenda Eden, creators of clothing labels Boo Boo Dee's and Feijoa Fusion respectively, yesterday marked a year since they started their online business.

While working closely together, the women keep their labels separate due to differences in taste, but the arrangement has worked perfectly.

Their Facebook site has already cracked the 1000 friends mark, as mums increasingly look towards the pair's unique, hand-crafted creations.

"I think what sets our clothing apart is the fact that we use high-quality cotton, which is comfortable and washes well," Mrs Eden said. "Most of what you see in the department stores is mass produced in China and the quality is not great."

Despite being handmade, Mrs Eden said Boo Boo Dee's and Feijoa Fusion's products were very affordable due to the low overheads involved in running their business online.

Both women also hold jobs outside the fashion labels, so are not relying on profits to make a living. But this has not stopped them from making hundreds of sales in their first year.

As recently as yesterday $1000 worth of Boo Boo Dee's and Feijoa Fusion gear was sent up to the Ruby Tuesdayz store in Ingham.

It is the first time the clothing will be sold in a retail store.

"This is the start of something new for us and we hope that it will only lead to bigger and better things for us and our customers," Ms Devantier said.

Interest in the brands has not only been local, with the women spreading their reach as far as the United Kingdom.

"We were very excited when a Facebook fan from the United Kingdom contacted us to make a couple of unique pieces of clothing," Ms Devantier said.

"We aim to create original clothing and accessories so you can be sure you will not see anyone else wearing the same outfit."



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