Barbra Streisand flustered by "attractive" Kevin Costner

BARBRA Streisand was left flustered by Kevin Costner because he was "so attractive."

The 74-year-old star met with the 61-year-old actor when she was casting her 1991 romantic drama 'Prince of Tides' and was glad he was able to put her at ease because his good looks made her feel so nervous.

Asked the last person to make her nervous, she said: "It was when I was interviewing Kevin Costner for the Prince of Tides', I was so nervous because I thought he was so attractive and I didn't know how to deal with it, I was the director.

"He could see I was nervous and said 'Let me give you a hug' and he made that go away."

Meanwhile, it was recently announced Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will star in a remake of Barbra's iconic movie 'A Star Is Born' and the veteran singer-and-actress thinks the movie will be "great".

She told 'Extra': "I feel great about it, I know Star is Born will work, it works every time. Because the music can change with the decades, so I know it's going to work."

The 'Funny Girl' star may have enjoyed decades of success, but she always had a back-up plan in mind.

Asked what she'd have done, she said: "I would have been a designer, an architect, something like that."

Barbra - who is about to release 'Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway', her 35th studio album and first LP for two years - recently admitted she only ever sings if she's getting paid.

She said: "I worry (about my voice) - I haven't sung in two years. Really, I haven't made a sound because I don't go around singing. There's no signing in the shower, no vocalising, no singing any time - unless I'm paid to sing!"

Barbra takes her most pleasure from her family, her husband James Brolin, 76, and her son, actor-and-director Jason Gould - her child with her ex-husband Elliott Gould.

She shared: "I'm pretty happy now, I have a good marriage. It's been 20 years since we met, time goes so fast. I'm very proud of my son. I feel very grateful."

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