Official weigh-in for the Jeff Horn and Gary Corcoran fight, Brisbane Convention Centre. Photographer: Liam Kidston
Official weigh-in for the Jeff Horn and Gary Corcoran fight, Brisbane Convention Centre. Photographer: Liam Kidston

Horn v Corcoran: Adrenaline rush spurs local champ

JEFF Horn is not much of a drinker and has never touched drugs but he has always found adrenaline highly addictive.

He will be dosed up to the eyeballs on it tonight against a ferocious challenger who grew up fighting every day from the time he started walking in a Gypsy Travellers' camp in London.

You only have to look into the fierce eyes of Gary Corcoran to know how much taking Horn's WBO welterweight title means to him in a fight in which headbutts, biting and bar stools have all been mentioned as weapons.

Corcoran survived being run over by a van when he was 18 months old and last year he escaped a gangland hit when six masked killers burst into a fight weigh-in at a Dublin hotel to gun down an Irish crime lord.

He will do anything to win.

"I'm going to beat Jeff because I'm better than him,'' Corcoran says.

"I'm bigger and stronger than anyone he's fought and this means everything to me. I've been fighting all my life and I come from a tough hard background. Jeff will see how hungry and determined I am.''

Corcoran has nothing to lose and nothing holding him back as he plans a whirlwind attack.

Horn says the thrill and excitement of tonight's fight is what he loves.

And the money.

He will receive $1 million tonight and has a multimillion-dollar payday awaiting against American Terence Crawford in Las Vegas in April if he wins and only heartache and despair if Corcoran beats him.

It's the kind of wild ride Horn thrives on.

He and his sister Bianca have been skydiving and once at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast he spent most of a day just riding the Giant Drop.

He must have had 30 goes on it, one after the other, and although people are known to throw up on a regular basis, he never got sick of the rush.

The Giant Drop was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "tallest, vertical drop ride in the world" - it has since lost that title - but even though it stands at 119m high, the equivalent of a 39-storey building, Horn wished it was even higher.

You plummet at 135km/h towards earth and stop just metres from the ground.

"I love it,'' he says.

His biggest thrill ride, though, was winning the world welterweight title before more than 51,000 people at Suncorp Stadium, a victory that tonight will be honoured with yet another award as The Best Sporting Moment of the year at the Australian Institute of Sport Awards in Sydney.

Corcoran promises him the fight of his life and the tension between the two reached boiling point this week when Horn's major sponsor, 66-year-old Broncos trump Phil Murphy of Oxmar Properties, told Corcoran: "I'm tipping without any doubt whatsoever that Jeff will win and will win easy. Gary I'm sorry to say this to you mate, but it would have been a much safer thing for you to stay home and try to punch through a brick wall because at least your face would not be as damaged as it is going to be against Jeff.''

Corcoran's head looked like it was about to explode but he said the beating he planned for Horn was "not personal".

"Jeff doesn't really know me and I don't really know him,'' he said. "I'll shake his hand after the fight but this is business. A hurt business.''

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