Barb Barnett of BB's Quick Cuts is moving on.
Barb Barnett of BB's Quick Cuts is moving on. Peter Carruthers

BB Quick Cuts shuts up shop

AFTER serving the community of Proserpine for six years at the helm of BB's Quick Cuts, Barb Barnett is moving on.

Ms Barnett has made attempts through agent listings and advertising to sell the business, but so far there have been no takers.

As she proudly offered pensioner discounts, she believed it was important to try and retain the business for the benefit of her elderly clientele.

"I just don't know what else to do,” she said.

"I thought after six years of providing this service to Proserpine, someone would want to buy the shop.”

Ms Barnett wanted to say thank you to her customers for their patronage through the years and formally say goodbye.

The building on Proserpine's Main St was damaged when water entered the through the roof during Cyclone Debbie but this was not a factor in the business' closure.

"It has just been my own personal journey, I needed to buy a property (in Gympie) and move on,” she said.

"But I do feel sad for the town. There are 11 shops closed in Proserpine.

"I will be number 12.”

Landlord of the building, Scott Napier, thought there needed to be a focus on the establishment of a cottage/craft industry to attract visitors into the town to take advantage of the drive market.

Development at Lake Proserpine was flagged as a solution to waning business confidence by Mr Napier.

"We need to get people come into town an drive up the main street and get people to get out of the car and have a look,” he said.

"Its a sign of the times in Prossie at the moment, the town seems to be struggling.

"We have to do something 'cause we we can't keep going the way it is.”

Recently re-elected member for Whitsunday, Jason Costigan who has his electorate office in Proserpine said there needed to be pressure put on the State Government.

"We have a council very closely connected to the government and I am amazed given that close connection the level of assistance we have been rendered,” he said. "Where is the business case on Hamilton Plains we were promised by end of the year?”

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