A three metre saltwater croc was sighted at Myrtle Creek this morning.
A three metre saltwater croc was sighted at Myrtle Creek this morning. Rhys Davies

Be on alert for three-metre croc spotted at Myrtle Creek

A THREE-metre long salt water crocodile was something Proserpine local Rhys Davies just couldn't drive past on the way to work this morning.

Travelling down Strathdickie Rd at 6.30am, Mr Davies saw the croc swimming along the Myrtle Creek waterway and his instant reaction was a little different to those who are on the fearful side of the croc culling debate.

He took out his phone and started filming.

Mr Davies said it was important for people in the community to be aware that crocodiles are lurking.

"I know a lot of kids live nearby and a lot of people walk their dogs in the area,” he said.

"People say there are crocs there, but you never see them, so some people may get a bit complacent.”

When asked where he stood on whether crocodiles should be culled from the region, he said they should be left alone.

"We are in Queensland and crocs are everywhere, they aren't doing any harm, so we should just leave them alone because its their part of the world,” he said.

The crocodile sighting follows Bob Katter's visit to then region, where he called for the removal of all crocs between Mackay and Port Douglas.

"We need to remove them all from here, and not kill them because they are very valuable, but some of them you might have to expunge,” Mr Katter said.

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