Beach neglect

THE majority of letters to the Editor over the last year were in relation to the upgrading of the main street in Airlie. I have not followed the discussions as I believe that the average ratepayer will have no say in the matter and we will be steamrolled as usual.

There is a matter that has not been mentioned when they talk about the beautification of Airlie. That is the beach, half of the title of the place and draw card.

I have never seen a more neglected area that is part of public land. The beach is a disgrace. It is dirty, not from rubbish, but from neglect. There are channels running at right angles from the park where storm water has cut into the sand. It is uneven and is littered from flotsum that has came in on the recent high tides.

I have been to a number of resort towns that are located next to a beach, and never seen one that has so little upkeep as our beach. I believe that the beach should have at least the same attention and maintenance as our parks. The parks are kept to a high standard and its a pity to come through a beautiful park with great distant views and look down on this sorry neglected beach. To run a machine over the beach twice or even once a week and level out the area and rake up the vegetation would encourage people to use it more. I watched a number of people walking on the beach at sunset the other day. They had to jump over the channels running across the beach, pick their way through the flotsam and usually headed to the waters edge where the walking was easier. The sunbathers seem to stay at the Sailing Club end where the bank is steeper and there is less flotsam and no run off from the park.

We are putting all this energy into the main street. Main streets with shops are everywhere, it doesn't matter where the tourists come from, there were shops in their main street, so I don't think that is the attraction here. Beaches are what the tourists want to see, especially on sunset in the Whitsundays. Not much can be done about the beach at low tide when it becomes a gravel pit, but at least with a small amount of maintenance it can look great again for most of the day and evening.

Come on Mike spend a quid and I think you will find it well spent.  

Alan Beverstock





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