9.15am: FIVE Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) crews remain on scene at a bushfire burning near Sleipner Road, Mount Chalmers.

This fire is contained and not posing any current threat to property, however a large smoke haze is continuing to affect nearby areas.

Crews are working alongside water bombing and observational aircraft to strengthen containment lines.

Residents are advised to close windows and doors and keep medication on hand if suffering from a respiratory illness.

Motorists are reminded to slow down and drive to conditions as smoke may affect visibility on the roads.


5am: IT WAS a provision of his rental property that all the fencing be done, but Gary Stapleton didn't expect to have to do it twice.

The Port Curtis man was standing on 560 acres of smoking ash yesterday afternoon, retaping his fences after a large bushfire destroyed everything in sight along Sleipner Rd, Mt Chalmers.

Visibly frustrated and struggling to speak over the sound of fire service helicopters fighting the blaze, Gary said the re-fencing could take almost two weeks.

"I'm running the hot tape along here for the time being just to keep (the horses) in," he said.

"I have been here all morning doing it, all day actually.

"We didn't get a phone call until last night, (Laiarnie) came over last night to grab the horses and had them up the top; we put them out on the road this morning."

With a dozen horses to their name, Gary said he was upset about losing his best paddock to the fire.

"There was feed here that was as tall as a car ... (the fire) just whistled through," he said.

"It was gone in about 10 minutes with the wind behind it.

"I'll have to bring some hay over to feed them; I was hoping the other side there didn't go but it's all gone."

Gary and Laiarnie weren't the only ones to lose land yesterday, but they were lucky no structures were ever in danger.

The fast-moving fire yesterday got close enough to properties for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services to advice residents around Mt Chalmers to finalise their bushfire plans.

Residents were informed that if they did not have a fire plan, or wished to evacuate, they should leave the area immediately.

The blaze originally started at around 7.15pm Sunday night, and water bombing was still underway at around 5pm Monday afternoon.

Fire crews attend a fire at Mt Chalmers on October 26
Fire crews attend a fire at Mt Chalmers on October 26 Trinette Stevens Roktfire

A spokesperson from the QFES said the fire, which required the attendance of 23 crews in its peak, had crews attend properties for protective purposes.

"We have a Watch and Act in place at the moment... currently the fire is under control and it shouldn't come to the (evacuation) stage."

Another spokesman said the fire remained to be "massive" and crews were still on site at around 6pm last night conducting back burns in an attempt to make the fire "burn in on itself".

The watch and act message was cancelled at 7pm last night.

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