BINDI Irwin has renewed her calls for a debate on population control, saying she is upset very young girls in Third World countries are having babies they can't afford to feed.

The daughter of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin turns 15 this week and is keen to use her time in the spotlight to advocate for better access to family planning and birth control.

In an interview with News Corp, the passionate Wildlife Warrior says she wants to ignite debate on issues like not eating wildlife or over populating the planet.

''Girls as young as me or even younger are having kids and that doesn't seen right to me,'' she said.

''I think that's really sad and we certainly need to start putting our heads together and thinking of ways to solve this.

''So educating our kids, giving them that freedom of choice and available help.''

Bindi advocated better access to birth control in poor countries.

''There's such a thing as seven-year-implants, so if you had a girl that was 11 years old and gave her the seven-year implant she wouldn't be able to have kids until she was 18.

''So things like that maybe, might be able to contribute to solving the problem."

Bindi Irwin is no newcomer to the population debate.

She made headlines when an essay she was invited to write for US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's e-journal was drastically edited before it was to be published.

She was asked to write 800-1000 words on why she had chosen to devote her life to wildlife conservation.

But after writing exactly 1000 words urging society to address overpopulation, the former first lady's department returned it for final approval with most of it edited out.

In 2011 Bindi Irwin launched Dick Smith's book "Population Crisis".

But as for boys and dating, the blossoming teenager says with her travel all over the world with mum Terri and brother Robert she has no time herself for that.

''Oh, I'm sure that will come soon enough but at the moment I have friends that are girls and friends that are boys, so why make things complicated,'' she said.

Nim's Island adventure for Bindi's birthday

Bindi will celebrate her 15th birthday on July 24 with Australia Zoo becoming a 'Nim's Island playground adventure for the day.

There will be a Polynesian dance troupe, a laser tag blash, rides on the wave break slide, a mechanical surfboard, hula dancing workshops, and a Beach Boyz Live show in the Crocoseum.

Some of the Return to Nim's Island animal movie stars will be on hand for photos with the movie screening at the cinema at 3pm.

Children 14 and under will be admitted free on the day when accompanied by a full paying adult.

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