Springborg accuses shock jock of baseless conspiracies

SOUTHERN Downs MP Lawrence Springborg has angrily refuted allegations made against him by radio shock jock Alan Jones on Tuesday morning.

Mr Jones took to the airwaves on his regular morning program on 2GB attacking the Newman Government, claiming Southern Downs locals had told him of links between the expansion of Cherrabah Resort, the recent purchase of the Glendon Camping and Caravan area and Chinese mining interests.

He also went on to claim Mr Springborg's Yelarbon farm no longer had mining tenements in place, backed up by anti-CSG campaigner Heather Pascoe Brown who stated the Southern Downs MP had knowledge of mining operations commencing in the area.

An angry Mr Springborg said he was disappointed in the claims, which he has brushed off as 'wild conspiracy theories'.

"I think it's very disappointing - clearly a desperate attempt by Mr Jones to re-elect the Labor party," he said.

"People who make these allegations have a high level of responsibility to back up what they're saying - there's just no validation to these claims."

The tirade on mining on the Southern Downs was part of a discussion between Mr Jones and Mrs Pascoe-Brown on corruption in the Newman Government.

Mr Jones told his radio audience locals had informed him that Cherrabah's expansion would house 4000 people, making it more like a mining camp.

"The locals tell me this resort, this Cherrabah and the recent purchase of a Glendon Camping and caravan area west of Warwick by Chinese interests are linked to the Queensland Government's plan to allow for cheap workers to be flown in via the Wagner Airport," he said.

"The rub is coal mining leases no longer cover the farm of Lawrence Springborg."

There was no longer a mining tenement over the 25000 acre farm at Yelarbon, according to Mrs Pascoe Brown.

"Everyone else, every neighbour on every side has a mining tenement," she said.

"I don't think anyone on the Southern Downs or Warwick or Inglewood have been told there are big coal mines going in there area.

"Obviously Mr Springborg knows what is going on - he's made sure his own family farm is protected."

According to Mr Springborg, the land he occupied at Yelarbon was made up of 95% forestry land - which had no mining tenements due to its use for forestries.

"It's a cock and bull story - it's quiet outrageous," he said.

"The majority of Queensland is covered by mining leases - they come and they go."

To his knowledge Mr Springborg said there were no active mining proposals on the Southern Downs, claiming a lot of misinformation was being 'chucked around' about mining in the region.

"Companies have been exploring in this area for a while - just because a company done exploring doesn't mean they find anything or will be successful putting a proposal in," he said.

"I only have one open coal mine in my electorate - if mining is proposed on prime agricultural land there is no capacity.

The long-sitting Southern Downs MP said he wouldn't be drawn into hypotheticals on mining and challenged Mr Jones to come forward with evidence to back his claims.

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