IMAGINE THAT: A visual concept of the Northbound entrance once the Beautiful Bowen project is completed.
IMAGINE THAT: A visual concept of the Northbound entrance once the Beautiful Bowen project is completed. CONTRIBUTED

Bowen entrance concept finalised

A COUNCIL concept plan to beautify Bowen's entrances has been drawn up with project experts optimistic construction could begin by the end of the year.

Tenders closed recently for firms looking to carry out the large scale landscaping project which will include the installation of new signage and trees at Bowen's southern and northern ends.

Whitsunday Regional Council director of major projects Tim Rose said the concept was designed to make a strong statement to people travelling into Bowen.

"We've always had that issue where people come into town and the first thing they see are the least attractive industrial areas of town,” Mr Rose said.

"We are going to tidy up all the gardens around the salt works area that have become dilapidated, and we want to make entrance statements with new signage at the Townsville junction.

"We are spending quite a lot of money on that area, and we will utilise really strong colours to make people aware that they've reached the destination of Bowen.”

Mr Rose said the signs will be bright orange and highlight unique attractions Bowen offers such as beaches, snorkelling and fishing.

He said they will be backgrounded with a plantation of new trees and provide an attractive contrast that catches the eye of the beholder.

"What we really want to do is make the signs say you've arrived in Bowen, so it's about trying to convince people that there are things well worth seeing in Bowen and that it's a destination in its own right,” he said.

Mr Rose said the concept aims to enhance the salt works area and council had been working in conjunction with owners who supported the project. He said the concept had been workshopped and presented to key community organisations.

"Many community groups are quite supportive of the concept,” he said. "So we are fairly confident that it will be well received.”

Council targets wild dogs

Council targets wild dogs

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Local sports in the one spot

Local sports in the one spot

Whitsunday Sports Expo on Saturday.

Conservation on the menu

Conservation on the menu

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