He will spend the next few weeks behind bars. Photo: File
He will spend the next few weeks behind bars. Photo: File

Bowen man had jail sentence suspended, then blew it

A BOWEN man will spend the next few weeks in jail after committing two offences while on a suspended jail sentence.

Brenten Trevour Tetley was caught driving while disqualified for the third time in two years and was part of a "payback" incident on another person.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told Bowen Magistrates Court this week police saw Tetley driving on Horseshoe Bay Rd in October.

She said police followed the vehicle and when they caught up with it on the side of the road, they saw Tetley's former partner in the driver's seat.

But the court heard Tetley soon admitted to police he had been behind the wheel and knew he was disqualified, saying he missed driving.


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Sgt Myors said the second offence occurred on November 8, when police were flagged down by a member of the public who claimed a person was being assaulted by three people.

She said the person had injuries on their face and body but did not make a formal assault complaint.

Sgt Myors told the court Tetley was on a suspended sentence at the time of committing the offences and a jail term was appropriate for the public nuisance offence.

Tetley pleaded guilty to one count each of public nuisance and disqualified driving.

Lawyer Cleo Rewald appeared for Tetley, claiming the public nuisance offence occurred after the person involved allegedly assaulted one of Tetley's close female friends at a party the night before.

"It was not the best option to go and take the law into their own hands," Ms Rewald said.

"He accepts his behaviour was poor."

Ms Rewald said Tetley did not have access to a car, so the risk of driving disqualified again had been lowered.


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Ms Rewald asked Magistrate James Morton to consider sentencing options other than jail, including giving Tetley probation, extending his suspended sentence, rather than activating it, or giving him immediate parole.

Mr Morton said the 24-year-old man had a "concerning" history and had "turned his nose up at a court order".

He said the public nuisance offence was not trivial.

"You're doing a payback on somebody for something someone did to somebody else in a public place," he said.

"So much so the police had to be called."

Mr Morton said a sentence that deterred Tetley and other like-minded offenders in the community was necessary and probation would not be suitable.

"Your criminal history leads me to the conclusion that fines haven't deterred you in the past," he said.

Tetley's suspended jail sentence was activated and he was ordered to spend a total of three months behind bars.

He will be released on parole on December 3 and was disqualified from driving for three years.

"If you don't get the message out of this you never will," Mr Morton said.

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