Bring Me The Horizon tear up at Riverstage in Brisbane on their 'That's The Spirit'.
Bring Me The Horizon tear up at Riverstage in Brisbane on their 'That's The Spirit'. Contributed

Bring Me the Horizon bring the goods

Bring Me The Horizon 'That's The Spirit' Tour

Review: Brooke Bijl and Marc Stapelberg


Riverstage Brisbane

6.30pm '68

7.20pm Architects

8.30pm Bring Me The Horizon

Nine Inch Nails and U2 better move over because there is a new player in town.

Bring Me The Horizon have put on possibly the best light show at Riverstage this year if not ever.


Backed by gigantic screens, and what was an impossible array of lights the band created one of the most amazing live spectacles more reminiscent of grand theatrical piece than a concert.

It was awe inspiring to watch the band silhouetted against a background of pure white, which then flipped into words and images and back to silhouettes.

And the images for the songs off Sempiternal were jaw dropping.

Ever the consummate business man, Olie Sykes has fine-tuned the show into the perfect product.

It is clear the band have had a huge part in directing the vision for their live show.

The sound production was also outstanding and crystal clear with the guitar tones heavy, distorted and dark, but at the same time tight, crunchy, and clear.

The change overs were quick and organised, and the capacity crowd was enthralled.

Some heavy music fans though would have been taken aback by the genuine pop element found in Bring Me the Horizon's set.

But really it is a testament to the band that they are able to move through multiple genres of music in a set, all the while getting more proficient at it than the very artists of those genres.

In all honesty the band have definitely moved on from their early death metal/deathcore days and are creating a totally different style of music.

And the sold out crowd proves there is a market for it.

The set progressed from heavy to soft, and by the time the last song rang out it was more reminiscent of electro-pop band M83 than say Suicide Silence, but it was all absolutely outstanding.

The sound, combined with the visuals, and the unique songs really created one of the most dynamic and diverse concerts of the year.

There was the obligatory wall of death, getting down on the ground and circle pits and by the end of the gig you could hear the high pitched screams from the back as Oli got off stage and high fived the front row of girls.

The set went through a heavy contingent of the new album 'That's the Spirit' including 'Doomed', 'Drown', 'True Friends', 'Avalanche' and 'Happy Song'. 'Can You Feel My Heart', 'The House of Wolves', 'Sleepwalking' with a reference to the prevalence of depression in society, and 'Go to Hell, For Heaven's Sake' all made an appearance.

As a result songs from 'Suicide Season', 'There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen it', and 'Count Your Blessings' were light in the set but it was good to see 'Chelsea Smile' in there.

But once again those songs did not necessarily lend themselves to the vision for this production.

The only negative to the evening was the main exit was closed for an ambulance to arrive which created confusion, but hopefully whoever was in dire need of the assistance got home safely and is ok.

Backed by a huge "eclipse' banner Architects took the stage before Bring Me the Horizon and played a flawlessly tight set with Thy Art is Murder axeman Sean Delander on guitar duties.

It was brutal, energetic, and face melting. It was also highly emotional as the band recently lost one of its founding members Tom Searle to cancer.

Tom's brother, Dan, also plays in the band and when Sam actively addressed the heartbreaking situation in the middle of the set you could feel a ripple run right through the crowd.

But as they played a song dedicated to Tom all that emotional energy just exploded into a positive vibe, displaying courage, strength and hope.

The band smashed through 'Nihlist', 'These Colours Don't Run', 'Broken Cross', 'Phantom Fear' and 'Gone with the Wind'.

It was an absolutely enthralling set that had the entire audience focused on the stage in a meditative trance, and one could only imagine how awesome the sight must have looked from the planes leaving Brisbane Domestic Airport that were flying overhead.

American rock duo '68 opened and played an incredibly short set of 25 minutes.

But the audience all had positive reactions and compared it to a White Stripes or Rage Against The Machine vibe with its funky aggressive tone and stripped back sound on just guitar and drums.

The two-piece band features guitarist and vocalist Josh Scogin, formerly of the hardcore band The Chariot, and drummer Michael McClellan.

But really everyone was there to see Bring Me the Horizon and no one left disappointed.

Remaining Tour Dates:

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - Sat Sept 17 & Sun Sept 18

AEC Theatre, Adelaide - Tue Sept 20

Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne - Thu Sept 22 & Fri Sept 23.

Tickets at

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