BRRR! Feeling the bite of winter? Qld town hits -4.5°C

FEELING a bit nippy at your place?

It's only the fourth day of winter, but it's no longer coming. It's here.

In the state's south-west, Roma has already hit -4.5°C this morning.

Hard to believe? According to the Bureau of Meteorology, it actually feels closer to -8.2°C. BRRR.

Closer to the coast and Toowoomba is shivering through 2.8°C this morning, which is balmy compared to Warwick (-3.9°C), Wellcamp Airport (-2.5°C) and Dalby (-1°C)

The Sunshine Coast is still struggling to escape the warm embrace of their heavy doonas, even if their only dealing with a 7.3°C morning in Maroochydore.

Ipswich has it a lot tougher with 1.2°C at Amberley.

Kingaroy has it even worse, down to 0.3°C


So is it cold or are you just having a bit of a whinge?

Check out the full list of minimum temps below from the Bureau (as of 6am)



  • Dalby: -1°C
  • Toowoomba: 2.8°C
  • Warwick: -3.9°C
  • Wellcamp Airport: -2.5°C



  • Maroochydore: 7.3°C
  • Nambour: 8.2°C
  • Tewantin: 9.8°C
  • Amberley: 1.2°C
  • Brisbane: 7.6°C
  • Gatton: 2.6°C



  • Mackay: 13.7°C
  • Proserpine: 10.1°C
  • Hamilton Island: 18.9°C
  • Gladstone: 15.3°C
  • Rockhampton: 9.2°C
  • Yeppoon: 11°C
  • Emerald: 8.6°C
  • Moranbah Airport: 3.8°C
  • Biloela: 4.9°C


  • Bundaberg: 12.2°C
  • Kingaroy 0.3°C
  • Hervey Bay: 10.8°C
  • Gympie: 6.8°C



  • Roma: -4.5°C
  • St George: -0.8°C
  • Charleville: 0.8°C


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