Brunker calls for Whitney to resign

THE gloves are off between Whitsunday mayor Jennifer Whitney and her predecessor Mike Brunker, with each blaming the other's administration for Council's multi-million dollar flood damage deficit.

Mr Brunker has called for Cr Whitney to apologise "for using me as the reason why she has sacked up to 12 executive staff [with] 200 years of experience, and [for] trying to attack my credibility".

He also suggested she should resign.

Cr Whitney flatly denies that anyone has been sacked and says she will not resign. "I was voted in to get this organisation on its feet, to find out its true financial position and to move forward in a very progressive and professional manner and that's what I will be doing," she said.

Cr Whitney said as a result of the organisational review seven senior staff had either resigned, not participated in the re-application process or had been unsuccessful.

But Mr Brunker still claims these staff have been sacked, saying "let's call a spade a spade".

He also claims that as of December this year, the National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) over-runs will total $5.9 million - a figure that could be negotiated, as there would be a "plausible excuse".


"That's why I was calling on her to allow the engineers who worked on these projects to be present at the meetings with NDRRA officials to sort it out, something that hasn't been done yet," he said.

Cr Whitney re-iterated that the problem has arisen from what have been determined as "unfunded and ineligible works".

"There is no resolution on Council's books by the former administration to get Council approval," she said.

"This whole thing to me is not about individuals - what we're doing is looking after the community."

Nonetheless, Mr Brunker says his comments are fair game.

"I've got better things to do than muck around playing political games with her because I'm off enjoying life," he said.

However, he said when Cr Whitney attacked his credibility, he would continue to speak out.

"You stick your hand into a beehive and you're going to get stung."

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