Bundy dealer, 21, on parole to be with dying dad

DRUG dealer Bo George Richards was only 20 but sold drugs to 55 people in a brief but busy three weeks, the District Court has heard.

Convicted of drug trafficking, four counts of drug possession, and possession of a phone used in the trafficking of dangerous drugs, Richards pleaded guilty before Judge William Everson in Bundaberg.

Richards, now 21, also pleaded to a series of lesser charges: wilful damage (after he smashed a car windscreen to steal from inside); three counts of possession of drug utensils; receiving tainted property; entering premises by break; and two counts of possession of stolen property.

Crown prosecutor Clare Kelly said Richards had been held in pre-sentence custody for 215 days.

She said police searched Richards' home in August and December last year, and again in March, and each time marijuana was found. Methylamphetamine was found during one raid.

Ms Kelly said he was charged with drug trafficking after police examined his mobile phone to find many drug-related texts.

"(He was) selling cannabis to 55 people for three weeks. Small amounts, up to one ounce lots," she said.

"He was not charged until February 2017 as it took time to analyse the phone."

Ms Kelly said stolen property was found, the offences done while drug trafficking and which showed his state of mind at the time.

Judge Everson said it appeared Richards was stealing to get drugs but this did not justify him "smashing people's cars up".

He described the offending as "flagrant".

In the Crown submission, Ms Kelly sought a head sentence of 21/2 years in jail, saying Richards had now served just over seven months in jail.

Defence barrister Simone Bain said Richards had clearly been undeterred by police intervention on a number of occasions, and his marijuana trafficking, while "very intensive", was done in three weeks.

"He is a young first-time offender and his trafficking a result of his own habit," Ms Bain said.

"He ended up supplying mates to fund his own habit.

"He says his father is dying of cancer and will do anything not to disappoint his father again."

She said that Richards, on release from jail, intended to work in Dalby to be with his father and to get away from the Bundaberg drug scene.

"I've sentenced plenty of people for drug offending in Dalby," Judge Everson said.

"I'm not going to make him serve another 21/2 months when his father is dying. If he fails his drug tests he will go back to jail."

Finding that Richards had 55 marjuana customers in the three weeks between July 29 and August 19 last year, Judge Everson said he sold in transactions of between 1g and 28g.

Judge Everson sentenced Richards to 21/2 years in jail for the trafficking offence, and six months in jail for cannabis possession, with lesser penalties on the remaining charges.

With time served of 215 days of jail, he was released on immediate parole.

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