Devon Van Rooyen and Halle Allcott.
Devon Van Rooyen and Halle Allcott. Mike Knott

Bundy students on why they're striking for the environment

BUNDABERG students Halle Allcott, Hurley Gatley and Devon Van Rooyen will be three of the 50 people from across the community expected to take part in the Bundaberg Climate Strike tomorrow.

Determined to be heard, the local environment advocates said they took it upon themselves to take up the Bundaberg strike, saying the time for action is now.

Miss Allcott said the current drought and fires throughout the region and further afield has made them aware of the changes happening around them.

"I think it's really important that young people known that they can use their voice in order to help solve this issue," Miss Gatley said as climate change was one of the biggest issues facing this generation.

Mr Van Rooyen said we need to change the way we do thinks to ensure we have a sustainable future.

Miss Allcott sentiments about the effects of climate change being felt in Bundaberg were echoed by Mr Van Rooyen who said his father was a farmer and they finding it hard to find water and the dust was affecting the flowering of the trees.

He said the flow on affect from the lack of rain and dust could mean you don't get a good crop.

Having grown up around turtles and environment, Miss Gatley said how important the environment was and why we should be protecting it was something that had been passed down.

The trio said they would love to see as many students as possible show up to the strike in Buss Park tomorrow, but regardless of how many attend, those who go would be making a difference.

Miss Allcott said one of the things she would like to see out of the strike was the government open up to more ideas about renewable energy, while Miss Gatley said she would like to see the government consider funding for job transitions so people who are working in mines can find work in renewables.

Miss Gatley said what would be awesome is to be heard and have their message taken seriously, and the government to "know that what we're saying is important and it's not invalid because we're young".

"We have to act now, in a few years time it's going to be too late," Mr Van Rooyen said.

Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt said "School students should be at school learning on Friday, as they do every school day. What they choose to do outside of school hours or on weekends is entirely up to them."

"Everyone has the right to protest and I respect that, but I do not agree with school students doing it during school hours," he said.

There are 12 strikes across the state, the Bundaberg Climate Strike will be held at Buss Park tomorrow from noon until 2pm. 

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