Crocs Creditors Meeting
Crocs Creditors Meeting

Buyer steps up to save local jobs

ABOUT 20 jobs at a Townsville sandwich and food supply company have been saved after liquidators found a buyer for the embattled business.

Liquidator Moira Carter of BRI Ferrier said it was a very welcome development for the staff and showed not all was lost when appointments of this kind were made.

"We have entered into a contract with a local buyer," Ms Carter said.

"A local person has bought the business and will keep the 19 jobs plus the administration positions in Townsville.

"It's a good win for Townsville - 19 jobs doesn't sound like a lot but in our economy it is important to retain as many jobs as possible."

BRI Ferrier were appointed liquidators in a voluntary winding up of the Townsville arm of Queensland Convenience Foods Pty Ltd on April 8.

Ms Carter said the business's Cairns-based owner had suffered a quite serious illness and had been unable to manage businesses in both Cairns and Townsville.

"He couldn't deal with both. The Townsville practice suffered and they couldn't keep up with the bills. That was the need for my appointment over Townsville," Ms Carter said.

"We have been trading the business ever since, and trading it quite successfully, and have been looking for a buyer.

"It just highlights that it's not the end of the world when we get appointed."

Ms Carter said the sale of the business was due to settle next month.

Queensland Convenience Foods was established in Cairns in 1988 providing its Fresh2Go convenience food range of sandwiches, wraps, toasties, breads, muffins and croissants.

Its Townsville outlet has operated from a purpose-built production plant at a transport and cold-store facility in the Bohle for more than 10 years.

The company supplies fresh and frozen product from Mackay north to Cairns and to remote centres on Cape York and the Torres Strait.

The Townsville business supplies to major grocers including Woolworths and Coles and to service stations, hotels and clubs from Mackay to Ingham.

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