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Cast your vote, put in a good word

"THE dadster took me to dinner at this great japas place. Great food porn, but totes spendy. He was devo."

It may sound like another language to some, but believe it or not, the above quote contains six of the nominations for Macquarie Dictionary 2011 word of the year.

Editor of the Macquarie Dictionary, Susan Butler, said each year her office was inundated with nominations for new words that had entered the vernacular and made their mark on society.

"Each year I find that about 1000 new words or new meanings of existing words travel across my desk," she said.

Even though some of the words sound like nonsense, Ms Butler said every short-listed word was actually featured in the dictionary.

"The words that we put up for consideration are all ones that have gone into the dictionary in the annual update so they been through all the dictionary hoops," she said.

"(When deciding what words qualify), the primary question is, 'Do they have currency in the community, or, at least, in some section of the community?' If the answer to that is yes, then they should be in the dictionary."

Nominations for 2011 include examples such as meggings, slashy, planking, photobomb and food coma.

The overall winning word for the year will be selected by the Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year Committee, however, there is also the People's Choice Award for the word that racks up the most votes from everyday Aussies.

When casting your vote, Ms Butler's advice was to keep it simple.

"People should vote for what they like. I would also recommend they take a look at the previous years.

"It is interesting to look back at what we thought was significant and new in previous years," she said.



Meggings: Leggings worn by men.

Plonk horse: A race horse that is heavily backed.

Food porn: food that is presented in a way that is visually stimulating or erotic.

Billshock: the shock to a customer caused by receiving a bill from a service provider for a much greater amount than anticipated.



  • Genetic Gain
  • Guyliner
  • Lemon Socialism
  • Disaster Porn
  • Tweep
  • Junk time
  • Negative exotic betting
  • Fracking
  • E-Bomb

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