YOUR SAY: MPs must start actually representing us

HOW much more proof do Australians need that our politicians are incompetent and not to be trusted with enacting legislation?

This power must be taken away from them and given directly to the people.

It works like this...

We are "being governed" by politicians but democracy is characterised and defined as "government by the people".

The "governing class" should be "the people", not the politicians.

Our "elected representatives" should be in the class called "servants of the people" (part of their oath, by the way). Over the years of successive governments, politicians have taken unto themselves the mantle of "leader".

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They form policies that "they" have decided we want and then proceed to "sell" these policies to us.

They should be asking their constituents what WE want and then promote and reflect the majority wish in The House.

That is their one and only mandate.

Voting on bills however is on party lines, lobbyist influence and personal benefit; the citizens are ignored.

In a "representative democracy", as ours is, citizens only have one democratic right that they exercise between the hours of 8am and 6pm on a Saturday every three years or so.

After that the politicians do whatever they want and we are impotent (unless we challenge in the constitutional court. Something which we cannot afford). The Swiss have a system of Cantons that give the people a direct input into legislation. It works!

There is a movement in Italy called "real democracy", that holds public forums, the findings of which are submitted to the government for consideration when enacting legislation.

We can go one better.

Abandon our "representative democracy" and go to "true democracy".

Take the vote on bills away from the politicians and give it to the people.

The politicians propose and debate the bills ... the debates are reported and shown in all media.

After a set period of time the people then, optionally, vote electronically.

It would be an "evolution", without the "revolution".

No need for political donations or slush funds.

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