Husband's violent attack on pregnant mum

A DAD who attacked his pregnant wife is again behind bars.

He had previously served a jail term for a shooting incident involving relatives in an incident where he protected her. This time instead of being his wife's protector he was her attacker.

Gladstone Magistrates Court heard that their son tried to stop his dad's violence and ran to help his mother.

The man, of large physical build aged in his 30s, pleaded guilty to assaults causing bodily harm - domestic violence offence on August 2.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said the man's prior violence was relevant in which he received jail terms for burglary, making a threat to kill, and recklessly causing serious injury.

However, the man had not been aware his wife was pregnant until she told him to stop, telling him she was pregnant.

He then stopped.


Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said police were called to the family house at 9.45am.

He told the court there had been an argument in which she slapped him and he grabbed her around the neck, pushed her against a kitchen bench and slapped her multiple times with the palm of his hand.

Sgt Stevens said she ran into the bedroom and he followed, then held her down by her throat and raised his fist in the air.

"At this time their child was thinking his mother was going to be hit intervened. Tried to stop him assaulting her," Sgt Stevens said.

"The child ran outside, tried to raise the alarm."

Sgt Stevens described facial injuries and bruising she suffered.

Lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said his criminal history was the result of defending his wife when he found drunk relatives harassing her and making threats.

She said the latest offence happened when she woke him up wrongly suspecting he had a drug issue.

"He was asleep before going to work. She was enraged and began yelling and slapped him," she said.

"There is no allegation he impacted on her breathing," she said.

Magistrate Jeffrey Clarke said references from her parents about their son-in-law spoke highly of him.

"When she told you she was pregnant you stopped your disgusting, outrageous assault upon her," he said.

"I consider your reaction to be a complete overreaction and to be condoned."

The husband was sentenced to 12 months jail with parole after four months.

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