Christensen chooses colourful language to describe anti mine delegation

Member for Dawson George Christensen has condemned a delegation of prominent Australians lobbying against the proposed Adani Carmichael Mine.
Member for Dawson George Christensen has condemned a delegation of prominent Australians lobbying against the proposed Adani Carmichael Mine. Peter Carruthers

GEORGE Christensen has labelled a group of public figures who have written to Gautam Adani over the proposed Carmichael coal mine elitist "wankers".

The group consists of at least 80 prominent Australians including two Australian cricket captains, a former deputy premier, a former coal lobbyist and one of John Howard's chief advisors.

As the Australian cricket team tours India, former cricket captains Greg Chappell and Ian Chappell have signed the letter urging the Indian billionaire to make sure the mine "never goes ahead".

Members of Midnight Oil, including former Labor MP Peter Garrett and fellow musician Missy Higgins and Bernard fanning have also signed.

The letter argues the mine does not have public support and warns it could harm India's reputation in Australia.

A group of Australians including former Howard Government advisor Geoff Cousins and Whitsunday tourist operator Lindsay Simpson were set to deliver the letter to Mr Adani today.

Mr Christensen however has a different take on the mine, which if built will be the largest coal mine in the southern hemisphere.

"The elitists are trying to write off jobs for struggling unemployed Central Queenslanders and North Queenslanders," he said.

"Styling themselves as 'prominent Australians', these elitist wankers include investment bankers, CEOs of major corporations such as Telstra, pretentious literati, professional activists and has-been celebrities."

Taking a champion of the people tack, Mr Christensen accused the delegation of living in "capital city bubbles" and having access to "multi-million dollar savings accounts" which meant they had no idea what life was like for families struggling as a result of the resources sector downturn.

"We can't all be sports stars, we can't all be corporate executives or novel writers or investment bankers," he said.

"Some people have to work hard just to make ends meet and these elitists are doing their utmost to ensure that that work is just not available for them."

Mr Christensen also called on the 80-strong group to meet him at Bowen's Larrikin Hotel to explain their position to the locals and he urged Adani to ignore their requests.

"I hope Mr Adani takes no notice of these well-to-do busybodies but instead listens to the strong support for the project that will no doubt be given by the Queensland Premier and local mayors during their visit to India this week."

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