CLIVE Palmer and Bob Katter united in Canberra, calling on Australians to dump the major parties or face higher fuel, power and food prices.

Mr Katter and Mr Palmer faced off at a National Press Club debate but pointed out more in common than in conflict.

Mr Palmer said Australia could only expect more of the same - rising taxes, ballooning debt, government inefficiency and businesses closing down under both the LNP and Labor.

"If you are happy with everything that is being done now and there's enough for you and your family vote again for Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd," Mr Palmer said.

The Queensland mining magnate said he was confident of winning key seats as people revolted against the LNP.

"That's just bullsh**t," he said in response to a question from a journalist which suggested the party would not win one lower house seat.

"We will."

Mr Palmer said Australia needed to be run by people used of building businesses, saying most politicians had very little real life experience.

Most had come from the unions, working for politicians, from being lawyers or lobbyists.

"If you are absolutely hopeless you become the leader."

Mr Katter said it was time Australians stood up for farmers and manafacturers otherwise there would be no industry left in Australia.

He questioned why Australia had only 4% tariffs on imports when other countries had 40%.

Mr Katter called for the introduction of a 10% customs duty to provide $20,000 in funding for families doing it tough in regional and rural areas.

He again called for the introduction of an ethanol industry in Australia, saying Aussies could be paying 84 cents a litre for fuel while saving the cattle, dairy and sugar industries.

Mr Katter claimed if Australia continued down the current path, it would become a net importer of petrol, food and other essentials within seven to 15 years.

"There are two parties out there and every single one of their policies guarantee you will be a net importer," Mr Katter said.

"Woolworths and Coles own the governments of Australia," the maverick North Queensland MP said.

Mr Palmer outlined his plans to offer $2500 a year tax cuts, inject more than $70 billion into the Australian economy and boost aged and disability pensions by $150 a fortnight.

He said he had used economists from New York to London to prepare his policies.

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