ON THE PATH: Clive Palmer's Facebook post of him tucking into some Lite N' Easy.
ON THE PATH: Clive Palmer's Facebook post of him tucking into some Lite N' Easy. Facebook

Lite N' Easy Clive Palmer drops 20kg

WHILE protracted court proceedings drag on over the demise of Queensland Nickel, mining magnate and former Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer appears to be hitting his health straps.

Mr Palmer's official Facebook page has been awash with updates on the billionaire's weight loss journey, the latest post yesterday announcing Mr Palmer had lost 21kg since leaving Parliament.

Lite N' Easy has been earning plenty of praise from the golf course and mining tycoon who's been busy snapping himself tucking into some of their fares.

On October 1 he declared he'd dropped 20kg and it appears he has no intention of stopping the shedding any time soon.

Mr Palmer's also had plenty to say about the court proceedings and even found time to post the lyrics to The Beatles' Come Together, sparking some banter between fans who paid tribute to the former pollie in some of their versions of hit songs.

Late last month Mr Palmer was denied in his bid to have companies he controlled be allowed to sue Queensland Nickel, a Queensland Supreme Court judge reportedly knocking back that bid as the fallout from the Queensland Nickel collapse continues.

Mr Palmer said he'd jumped on board a Lite N' Easy program and after losing about 21kg in 12 weeks he was hoping to lose a further 20kg.

He said it showed when he was focused on himself and his own health and not busy with plenty of other work he was able to achieve his goals.

"Yeah it's pretty good," Mr Palmer said.

"I would like to lose another 20kg."

He said it had been mainly the result of his diet and keeping active playing with his kids that had seen the weight drop off.

He was also relaxed about the ongoing court proceedings, saying there were no charges against him.

He was looking forward to February next year where he would seek to remove the liquidator of Queensland Nickel, whom he was suing for more than $1 billion in damages, and said there was also a full High Court hearing in November which would determine the constitutionality of liquidators' compulsory examination powers.

"I'm quite relaxed," Mr Palmer said.

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