Community outraged over fears of dingo baiting on Fraser

THE community has been left outraged over the thought of dingoes being baited on Fraser Island. 

It comes after authorities raised concerns dingoes are being baited on the island after reports emerged of six dead carcasses being found in suspicious circumstances over the course of the weekend.

FULL STORYSix Fraser dingoes found dead, one in a shallow grave

Larry Ray said people needed to wake up to themselves and leave the dingoes alone. 

"This is "THEIR" place, you do the right thing and you will not have a problem." Larry said.

"We rescued Rex (dingo) from a "dog fight" many many years ago, and he repaid us in kindness never ever presenting a problem...leave them alone and they will leave you alone," he said. 

Toni West said only 'sick individuals with zero respect for the dingo' could be responsible for baiting animals.

"Hope they are found and named and shamed for the animal killer(s) that they are," Toni said.

"RIP precious white paws, may you one day be king of your island as you are entitled to be." she said. 

Suzy Kostic wants the dingoes freed in a place where they're not threatened by people.

"Leave them alone or fee them where people don't go," she said.

Kelli Chapman wants to see a feeding area for the dingoes on Fraser Island as well as more education about the dingoes on the island.  

"A feeding area needs to be in place, so they are not starving and looking for food wherever they can get it."

"Visitors need to be educated about the Island. With all this happening , there will be no dingoes left on the Island to worry about. Fraser Island is there home.

Macey Taylor I think someone wants them gone from the island. Why I don't know. It will be a very sad if they are aloud to get away with it.

Frank Klesnik The same thing that probably drove the person who poisoned my dog back in 2005 when I lived in Oakhurst. Hatred, ignorance and selfishness.

Emilie-Jade De Bruyn Why do humans have to kill things you go to Fraser to see the dingos. Stop killing them.

Linda Walker Terrible news hope they find the people doing the baiting :(

Jan Hawes How disgusting this scum is do the right thing people and dob them in..

Gwen Kohler Omg ..its not the dingoes that need the bait

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