Contractor ‘shocked’ at undelivered mail found in shed

MAIL found in the front passenger side of a vehicle not addressed to Jonathan Charles Byers was undeliverable mail put there by other drivers, a court has heard.

A search warrant executed at Byers' Highfields home on June 3, 2013, included vehicles at the residence which the Toowoomba District Court was told were used by mail delivery drivers under Byers' employ.

Toowoomba detectives found a number of letters in the front seat of a vehicle which were not addressed to Byers.

Former employee Jumpie Kawano testified it was routine for deliverers to put any missorted mail, return to sender letters or parcels, and wrongly addressed items in Byers' vehicle so they could be returned to the Australia Post delivery centre in Kearneys Spring.

Byers has pleaded not guilty to mail theft after a large stockpile of undelivered letters and parcels were found in a shed at the rear of his property on June 3, 2013.

Mr Kawano told the court he overheard a conversation between Byers and another female former employee regarding missing parcels that had not been delivered in the Highfields area for which Byers had the mail delivery contracts.

Mr Kawano said he recalled Byers arguing with the woman over the issue, and testified it was around that time that his mail delivery route changed.

The woman has since pleaded guilty in another court to mail theft.

Former employee Helen Lusty said she had been at Byers home the morning it was searched.

She told the court he appeared to be "in shock".

"When the mail was found (in the shed), what was his demeanour?" defence barrister Robbie Davies asked.

"He looked like he was going to be sick, in shock, white as a ghost," Ms Lusty replied.

The trial before Judge Kiernan Dorney continues.

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