Australia Launches Coronavirus Tracking App
Australia Launches Coronavirus Tracking App

Coronavirus QLD: all you need to know today

The Premier has confirmed three new cases of coronavirus in Queensland in the past 24 hours and announced a crackdown on people targeting frontline workers.

Meanwhile Annastacia Palaszczuk has confirmed she is open to top-level rugby league returning to the state if the NRL can show it will provide a safe workplace for players and the community.

As announced yesterday, Queensland's tough coronavirus restrictions will be eased to allow a range of recreational activities, including retail shopping, picnics and boat rides. Here's the breakdown of what we can do and when.

But try to keep some perspective. A psychologist has warned people to keep their expectations "grounded and realistic" after the Queensland Government announced the first easing of COVID-19 isolation laws.


Scott Morrison has seen an unprecedented turnaround in approval with his coronavirus strategy, wiping out the losses he sustained from his handling of the bushfire crisis, accourding to the latest Newspoll data.

The known symptoms of the coronavirus are well established: a dry cough, muscle aches, fevers, chills, headaches and even losing your sense of taste and smell.

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But there are emerging questions over whether strange chickenpox-style rashes, hives, broken blood vessels, and even what's being called "COVID toes" could provide a clue that some people are infected, particularly teenagers and children.

Petrol is the cheapest its been in 20 years. But while it may be good news for motorists, it could cause major problems down the track.

And after being one of the first celebrities to be diagnosed with coronavirus, Tom Hanks has announced that his blood will be used to help find a vaccine.




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