Stabbing victim James Beel-Endycott with his partner Kamahla Baker.
Stabbing victim James Beel-Endycott with his partner Kamahla Baker.

Countdown to death! Medicos' fight to save stabbed father

PARAMEDICS have revealed the last 20 minutes of a stabbing victim's life and their desperate attempts to save him.

James Beel-Endycott was knifed in the chest near his left nipple on June 10, 2016 in front of his partner of four months Kamahla Baker.

Toowoomba man Shane Colin Duffy has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Beel-Endycott and is on trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

The jury has previously heard evidence that Mr Beel-Endycott and Mr Duffy were seen fighting on the night he was stabbed.

Michael Mahoney was one of two paramedics to tell the jury on Tuesday about their view of the tragedy that unfolded at Ms Baker's Beaudesert home.

Arriving at the scene about 6.30pm and finding a man lying in the dark near a butcher's truck, Mr Mahoney said he was originally expecting his patient to need only CPR.

"He was in a very dire state - he was close to death," Mr Mahoney told the court, revealing he could not find Mr Beel-Endycott's pulse, his breathing was very shallow and the blood pressure machine sounded an alarm.

Mr Mahoney said he had no idea what had caused the man to collapse until someone told him the victim had been stabbed.

Mr Mahoney lifted the man's shirt to find a wound in his chest.

He said Ms Baker and another man were nearby,

He said the woman was in an heightened state but that she did not appear to be affected by drugs.

"I asked what happened and I do not recall who told me he was stabbed," Mr Mahoney said.

"I recall her (Ms Baker) being somewhat concerned when I was asking her who did it.

"She said: 'I can't say, I can't say'."

Mr Mahoney said he was concerned for his safety as no one could tell him how the wound happened and if the offender was still in the area.

"I had entered the scene by myself in the dark, so I wanted to know if I was going to be attacked," he said.

Mr Mahoney asked Ms Baker to get a blanket from the house so he could work on Mr Beel-Endycott without interruption.

"He was still conscious when I arrived," Mr Mahoney said.

"I asked the victim who stabbed him - he only said he was cold and asked me for help."

Mr Mahoney radioed for additional medical support and within minutes more paramedics were on site.

Mr Beel-Endycott was stretchered into an ambulance.

"He was conscious for a period of time in the ambulance, but rapidly deteriorated," Mr Mahoney said.

As the ambulance headed towards the PA Hospital in Brisbane, the paramedics worked to keep him alive.

About 15-20 minutes after the original 000 call, the ambulance carrying Mr Beel-Endycott met a specialist life-support medico on the Mount Lindesay Highway.

That medico was able to perform an ultrasound and also to make a small incision to determine the damage to Mr Beel-Endycott's heart.

He found a small clot and blood in the sack around the heart but said it was to late to save Mr Beel-Endycott.

On Monday, Ms Baker was forced to defend herself while giving evidence before the jury, with the defence claiming she was the one who stabbed Mr Beel-Endycott.

The trial before Justice Soraya Ryan continues. - NewsRegional

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